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Sacred Connection


O to be seen by You,

To drop my pretenses and the masks I wear,

To let You encounter me directly,

To be felt in all my power and vulnerability,

To open up my heart and soul,

To stand before You in my nakedness without title or standing,

To share my longings and my fears,

O to be seen by You.

O to connect with You,

To open up to Your beauty and Your pain,

To bask in Your radiance and penetrate Your shadow,

To know Your dreams and Your sorrow,

To touch You tenderly,

To embrace You fearlessly,

To be with You in Your joys and struggles,

O to connect with You.

By Mike Abravanel © 2014

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Skillfully Navigating Polarities

Skillfully Navigating Polarities

The skillful navigation of polarities allows us to be more effective in work, love, and life. Yet too often we are unaware of the nature of polarities, thereby responding in ways that are rigid, ineffectual, or maladaptive.

Here are some tools to skillfully navigate polarities:

Appreciate Polarities

The Taoists appreciate polarities as the natural order of things. The yin/yang symbol illustrates that wholeness is cultivated by honoring both the yin (yielding, circular, and female) and yang (active, directional, and masculine) energies. Clearly, one polarity is not better than the other; they are both essential and complementary.

Polarity vs. Duality

As described above, polarity includes complementary aspects that are both essential and offer a full spectrum of human functioning. Polarity thinking is inclusive. On the other hand, duality describes things that conflict each other (e.g., trust or fear, good or evil.). A duality approach takes an either/or perspective, usually with one being better than the other. Both polarities and dualities have their place. Polarities are typologies, while dualities are evaluative distinctions. Therefore, not all binaries are polarities.

Healthy and Unhealthy Expression of Polarities

Polarities can be expressed in healthy and unhealthy ways. For example, healthy yin energies can be nurturing, nuanced, and deep, yet unhealthy yin energies can be manipulative, convoluted, and moody. While, healthy yang energies can be strong, transcendental, and intentional, yet unhealthy yang energies can be dominating, aloof, and overachieving.

One-Sidedness Limits Possibilities

People who are extremely one-sided in their energies become restricted in their way of being and expression. For example, one who is extremely yang is often rigid and inflexible, while one who is overly yin is generally untethered (like a leaf blowing in the wind) and too accommodating of others. You need to be able to access the right amount of yin and yang energies as circumstances arise.

Unique Energetic Integration

Rarely are individual’s energies completely balanced (e.g., equal yin and yang energies), nor do most circumstances require the full integration of yin and yang. You need to honestly assess the movement of energy within your being and discern what your unique  energetic integration of yin and yang energies should be.

Honour your Natural Tendencies

Embrace your natural gravitation towards certain energies. If you are more yin in your energy, embody this energy wholeheartedly. If you are more yang in your energy, express this energy fearlessly.  Trust that while fully embodying a given polarity the other will subtlety inform it and be present.

The Right Touch

Stay present to situations as they arise and be aware of what energies are needed. Do you need the extra forward thrust to complete a project (yang energies), or do you need to be patient to your loved ones (yin energies), or a certain combination of both energies.

Practices to Cultivate Specific Energetic Potential

Whatever your inclinations, you can cultivate yin and yang energies. Depending on your needs you can either train to further cultivate your strengths (e.g, yang person further cultivating yang energies, or yin person further cultivating yin energies), or train to cultivate your area of lesser development (e.g, yang person developing yin energies, or yin person developing yang energies). There are many practices to choose from. For example, yin practices could include: yin yoga, aikido, deep listening, nature walks, relationships, dance etc. Yang practices could include: weightlifting, karate, meditation, and goal setting etc.

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Thinking man

My Essential Life Philosophy

Dare. Life is to be lived, unabashedly and wholeheartedly. I would rather make mistakes of my own making, than not to undertake that which beats within my heart.

Dream. Life is to be created, to be dreamed, with the idealism of a beginner, and the critical eyes of a skeptic. Dreaming is not enough. I choose to fight, to die, for my dreams in order to make them a reality.

Heart. To live with heart is to be propelled by an inner force, a passion that is in itself true. I would rather bleed, than feel nothing.

Purpose. There is meaning, though it is not pre-given or determined. I both give meaning, and uncover meaning.

Spirit. I am connected to a force larger than myself. This force moves through me, though it is not separate from me. I am Spirit in manifestation, uncovering itself again and again.

Love. Romantic love is to be cherished, sexual play relished, and intimacy valued. Though, love is not enough to fulfill my being. That is why I give love its due, but do not allow myself to be a slave to love.

Interconnection. I am not an isolated being. This is a great fallacy. I am interconnected with all things.

Being true. Authentic relationship with others and myself is more important than being nice or worldly successful. Though, I enact my truth moment-to-moment with wisdom and discernment.

Change. Change is a necessary part of life, I embrace it, though I also seek the unchanging. I can see the principles that lie underneath the changing of the seasons.

Family. I appreciate and honour my family, though this bond of blood does not chain me. Above all I am true to my calling.

Death. I will die, this is certain. Let me treat death as inevitable. I do not seek to escape it, nor do I give death more weight than it is due.

By Mike Abravanel © 2014

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The Way of the Awakened Warrior

Awaken to the warrior’s journey.
Adorn yourself with the robe of enlightenment.
Don the armour of self-mastery.
Hold fast to the sword of truth and the shield of love.

Meditate in the mountains and pray in the valleys.
Soar freely like the eagle.
Flow with the winds of change.

Follow your inner light wherever it may lead.
Live simply yet abundantly in the present moment.
Serve the Infinite and humanity selflessly.
Embrace the Way.

By Mike Abravanel © 2014

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